Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Why Brand Your Business?

Bargay Advertising include a wide variety of items with the goal of branding your business and taking your business down a path of success and achievement in the advertising world. Fun promotional items will be distributed to your employees, clientele and their friends and family that may know prospects to bring you even more business. Your advertising campaign will be effective and a strategic way of bringing more traffic to your business.
Did you know that it was surveyed that 83% of the American population said they like receiving fun promotional items with an advertising message? 48% of them said they would love to receive fun promotional items more often and 38% said they felt promotional products served as a constant reminder of the advertiser. Consumers also said that if products were being handed out for free at an event, mall or tradeshow that 69% of them would pick up a promotional item if they found it to be useful to them such as pens, hats, backpacks, key chains, flashlights, calendars etc.
There is no doubt that there is need for these fun promotional items as they integrate into everyday life and not just sit around collecting dust. They make great d├ęcor, and are necessary tools for daily task. These fun promotional items are liked already, they are already being kept and consumers want more of these promotional items so why reinvent the wheel when you can do what is already working and ride it to the bank?