Friday, March 27, 2015


Green is not just a color anymore. It’s more like a concept. A way of life. A direction for how a business wants to present itself to customers.
Yes, the eco-friendly craze has caught fire and it’s trickling down to the world of marketing. Companies are trying to promote their green efforts and appeal to other businesses and consumers with an eco-friendly message. They know there is big money to be made from presenting themselves as conscious of the environment and doing everything they can to protect the earth’s natural resources.
At Fun Promotional Products, we are speaking to clients about how they can enhance their green marketing efforts by using promotional products that fulfill their goals. Whether it’s an organic cotton T-shirt, a USB drive made from natural ingredients or a biodegradable pen, there are a multitude of options to talk to clients about right now.
In the following pages, we’ve put together a showcase of products that are sure to spark the interest of eco-conscious clients. So click below and take a look at the extremely diverse green options that are available in the ad specialty market today.

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