Friday, March 27, 2015

Washing Your Screen Printed Shirt

 Getting custom screen printed shirts and feeling proud to wear your name or logo is the best. But cleaning it? Not so much. It’s okay though, because we’re here to help!

 You might be thinking “it’s just a t-shirt, how hard can it be to wash? I’ve been doing laundry my whole life!” While this may be true (hopefully) it’s also wise to know how to care for your own custom screen printed shirts. Who doesn’t want their own shirts to last?

Thankfully there’s only a few simple steps to remember to ensure your shirt can last you a long time:

·         Use Cold Water! We’ve always heard that hot water is better than cold water when cleaning, but not in this case. Cold water will help the design stay intact because it is gentler than hot water and will reduce the chances of cracking.

·         NO Bleach! Bleach or any other harsh detergents will make your design weaker and slowly deteriorate, stick to mild detergent and spot remover if needed.

·         VERY IMPORTANT: Wash Inside Out! I’m sure you’ve heard before that you should turn clothes inside out to wash, this isn’t a myth. Turning your shirt inside out will help prevent it from fading as well as protect the design.

·         Wash With Similar Fabric! Putting your shirt with a bunch of jeans isn’t ideal. Remember, your clothes are going to be spun around and thrown together, so if you have a soft material with a rough material, there’s definitely going to be some rubbing going on and this could fade out your shirt and design.

·         Heat Is The Enemy! Okay, not really. But in this case of drying your shirt it won’t do it any good to use excessive heat. Dry your shirt on a medium or cooler setting because heat will cause your design to crack. If you really want to preserve this shirt, take it out of the dryer once it’s almost done and hang to finish drying.

·         Iron Inside Out! As we’ve said, heat is the enemy, but of course if your shirt is all wrinkly you’re not going to be wearing it. If you must iron it, do it inside out and don’t leave it too long on the back of the design. NO STEAM should be used.

See how simple that is? We know it’s a little different than your usual routine but if you’re willing to let your design crack and get faded, that’s your choice. With these steps to keep in mind, it’ll help he chances of keeping your design just the way you like it and ready to be seen by the world!

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